Monday, January 13, 2014

Car Insurance Companies Discriminate!

My Car Insurance Company is Guilty of Discrimination

     Ever since I moved to Georgia, I've noticed a steep incline to the rate of my car insurance premium. I'm not sure why it took me so long to look into it, but I was amazed as to why my rates were so high.

     Some insurance companies, if not all, will raise your rates if you've been in an accident. Well, I've been in four, none of which were my fault, but I figured that was why my rates may have increased. But why now? I haven't been in an accident since I lived in Washington, so why are my rates so high? It turns out, that in Georgia, they charge you more for car insurance if you're not married. No joke. When I learned this tidbit of information, I thought to myself, "self, that's borderline discrimination, isn't it? It's like charging me for wearing grey t-shirts." 

     Sure, not much of an argument there, but then I thought, "what if I'm not married because I'm gay (I'm not, but just stay with me here) since Georgia doesn't recognize same-sex marriages?" Hmm, does that not sound like discrimination to you? It certainly does to me. The only thing that would make it worse would be if they charged me more for being a guy...oh, wait. THEY DO! But I've known since I first drove a car that my rates were higher because I had a penis, it just never clicked that it qualified as discrimination.

     I'm not sure why my marital status affects my rates, but at least I know why they have higher rates for men than women, since men "have a tendency to be more aggressive drivers", which is just like saying that every black baby should be on parole, both statements insinuate that because of how we were born we are prone to screwing up. While they're at it, why not take voting rights away from women, or at least charge them for casting a vote?

     I'm not sure who does the statistical analysis for these people, but every bad driver I've ever encountered has been either an elderly person, or some chick putting on her make-up and/or talking on her phone. I don't know any guy who is as glued to their phone as the chicks I know, and I know even fewer guys that insist on wearing make-up.

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